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my background

I've been a decorator at heart since I was a little girl. I loved going to the local wallpaper store with my mom and looking through the books she checked out - back when borders were in! - and I dreamed up several ways my parents should reconfigure our house over the years. I inherited an appreciation for fine, high-quality things from my elegant grandmother and a willingness to DIY (when it's worth it) from my furniture-repurposing mom. 

Renovating and adding onto my own home with my husband, and doing much of it ourselves, has been a master class for me in my career and so rewarding.


my interiors

Click below, and you will see images of interiors I love. Traditional, modern, refined. Not-too-serious. Classic, but of-the-moment. But what really drives a project for me is the style and vision of my client. If you don't have a vision, we'll figure it out together before we begin. 

Time and money, time and money - isn't that what it always comes down to? If your vision is the destination, the budget and timeline are the road map to getting there. We'll nail these down from the beginning so we don't waste your time or money in the process.