Why Small Biz Owners Should Act Like Celebrities

I was very intrigued by this Mashable article about the Grammy's social media team of just ONE person. What Lindsay Gabler says on the video, above, about how music artists are using social media is so important. "It's so inherent now that all of the artists are so much more aware on social - it's not where we have to remind artists to tweet about their experience, or post on Instagram, or share a photo on Facebook, or tell about their experience on Tumblr. Now it's exciting for me because I get to see all that content come through..."

From my own experience with several small biz owners, social media poses this block they can't get past. They know they should probably do it, but they don't know enough about how to do it well. Or they don't want to spend their precious time on it. So they do it halfway, or not at all. Many entrepreneurs have created a voice and presence bigger than they ever could have with age-old marketing practices. They're thriving because of social media. That's awesome - they need to preach social media to all their small biz friends, because so many still don't get it.

Small business owners should emulate the social media activity of celebrities because if you want more people to know and learn about (and buy from) your business, you have to share about it! Act like everyone cares about the new menu you just created for the spring...how the wedding you just planned turned out...that you just got an awesome review from a client. Think like you have this following of people waiting to hear about your newest design idea or the new goal you're aiming for. Yeah, it might feel a bit egotistical sometimes, but remind yourself that it isn't about you, it's about your brand...and that might make it easier.