Colon Cancer Coalition 5K

Colon Cancer Coalition 5K

This past Friday was the hub's birthday and mine was Saturday! Yep, our birthdays are a day apart. If you think that's crazy, J and his sister - three years older - share the same birthday! So he's never had it to himself, poor thing. We went to Asheville this weekend to participate in the 5K that J's mom's office (an endoscopy center) organizes every year for colon cancer awareness. Murph came along and even wore a t-shirt! He was by far the most popular participant there :)

To celebrate our birthdays, we went to the Biltmore Estate to tour the house and eat dinner at the Inn - J's parents' gift to us. It was really nice. The first time I went to J's parents' house, we did the Biltmore home tour with some friends. And after we got engaged in the North Carolina Arboretum 10 months later, J surprised me with dinner with both of our families at the Inn at the Biltmore. So we were reliving some good memories.

Instagram of some of my favorite Biltmore things.

I've been studying period furniture in my interior design class, so I was excited this second time around to notice the details of the furniture and practice identifying different styles. I (rebelliously) took lots of pictures on my phone whenever I could of these examples and I hope to post about them later!

J.Crew warehouse sale steals

We ended the weekend with a spontaneous trip to the J.Crew Distribution Center Clearance Store, and when we got there, we saw there was a warehouse sale going on! If you've never been to a J.Crew warehouse sale....just think of hundreds of boxes stuffed with J.Crew items and sorted only by type...and the rest total disorganization. But really awesome prices. We had been to one in Chapel Hill before, we knew what we were getting ourselves into. We worked up a sweat rummaging for an hour - the last hour of the sale! - but ended up scoring probably the best deal I've ever gotten. Those 4 pairs of shoes you see up there (flats are Madewell) were $6 each! And then 15% off that....crazy.

Then of course we had to go to the clearance store we were planning to go in the first place. If you're ever in Asheville and you love J.Crew, you have to go here. I've found many treasures here over the years! It's hard to find good info about it online, so here you go:

1 Clifford Way Arden, NC

It's small - nothing like the warehouse sale, so don't worry.