We Moved!

I was holding off on announcing the news that Jon & I bought a house until it was completely official, which wasn't technically until closing, and then we started moving that day, which lasted all weekend, then back to work, etc! So that was about a week ago now!

We couldn't be happier to be where we are. We found a cute, old house (built in 1942) in our ideal location...it's an old neighborhood about 10 minutes from downtown. Very walkable, close to some retail shops and restaurants. Lots of kids and dogs, a range of house sizes, styles, ages.

Here's a picture of the front...the white brick is my absolute fav!

The help we had from family last weekend, moving weekend, was amazing. First, my in-laws got into town after we closed early Thursday morning and helped us start cleaning right away. Jon's mom wiped down the insides of all the kitchen cabinets, cleaned all the windows and our fireplace screen, cleaned underneath and behind our fridge and oven - yeah, the real down and dirty gross stuff! We touched up baseboard and trim paint that was really bad in some areas too, since it was easy to do with nothing in the house yet. Jon and his dad brought over one load of boxes, but we didn't start unpacking anything until the next day.

Late that night my parents got in, and most of the moving happened the next day. My parents and I finished packing a lot of the essentials we hadn't packed at the apartment while Jon and his dad took a load of boxes to the house, and then picked up a U-Haul trailer for the day. My mom and I went to the house to be ready to unpack the first load. I think the guys ended up taking three trips to get everything while my mom and I just tried to keep making progress unpacking. We got the kitchen and our bedroom at least liveable by the end of the day!

On Saturday my mom helped me do a big Target trip to get storage boxes for the attic and some groceries, etc. We worked on putting winter clothes and holiday things in the attic and organizing closets. Jon and my dad graciously did the annoying task of priming our bedroom at the apartment since we had painted it while we were there.

Jon's parents and brother-in-law basically descended on the house that afternoon and did a whirlwind of awesome yardwork for us! They rented a woodchipper and chopped up branches that had fallen down around our yard, mowed the grass, moved the overgrown flowers along our sidewalk to two clusters by the front steps, pulled out weeds and some ugly plants, re-spread the mulch we have. Jon and his dad got up on the roof to clean the gutters and cut down branches that were a little too close....things that would have taken me an entire weekend to do they did in a few hours! They're amazing.

We celebrated Father's Day that night with both families at my sister-in-law's. Yes, after all that, they somehow cooked a big meal for us, too. At 25 and 24, we already have less energy than Jon's parents. Sad.

Jon's parents came back after lunch on Sunday to take us shopping for a microwave, their housewarming present for us! We also got new covers for all the floor vents here (hallelujah, they were so ugly), a new air filter, extension ladder, etc. Then Jon's dad spent about two hours helping Jon install it over our oven (turned out to be more complicated than they thought) before they drove all the way back to Asheville that night! Whew. So much happened in one weekend and I am so, so grateful to everyone who helped. 

Also, we met so many friendly neighbors over the course of the weekend! Made us feel so welcomed and glad to be here. 

Thank you Lord for our new house and neighborhood and family who helps us do not-fun things like move :)