DIY Storage Bed Construction


Happy snow day! The day off from work today gave me time to finally post about making our storage bed frame, which we did back in the Fall. 

We got the plans for our bed from Ana White here. We started out making the frame at my sister-in-law's with Jon's dad. Before anything else, the plans have you cut about 18 pieces of plywood to size (not counting the trim).

We used pocket holes to join the drawer dividers to the base:


The bare bones complete:

After trim pieces were added to the face:

The bed consists of these three boxes - one for each side of the bed, plus one for the foot. The two sides are joined with joists and a spacer (which we did much later).

Several weeks later we brought the boxes to our house and Jon stained all the sides that would show. We used a gel stain by General Finishes, which you can find at Woodcraft if you're in Raleigh.

Ana White has a separate post for making drawers, but we decided to buy the drawer boxes instead. We had heard enough about drawers being really hard to DIY...

Then I realized during all of this that there is a vent on our floor right where I wanted to place the bed. For a lot of reasons, the placement was non-negotiable to me, so we ended up sacrificing a drawer for a vent box (see below). Then we realized that with bedside tables, getting to the drawers at the headboard would be a pain we left the opposite drawer empty too.

After we got the drawer boxes, Jon cut notches in them and mounted drawer sliders in the shelves.

Between the photo above and below, Jon and his dad cut and mounted drawer fronts on the drawer boxes. We ordered the drawer pulls and mounted them...and finally they joined the three boxes together with a spacer (plywood cut as joists + a flat panel level with the tops of the boxes).

Here's my drawer-turned-vent box! Jon ducted out the vent in the floor and cut a hole in the drawer front for the vent plate. 

We put a drawer front and pull on the cubby on the opposite side that has no drawer, so you'd never know!

Murphy approves! Getting this bed assembled in our room came on the heels of sleeping in our living room for about a week and a half while we had the drywall in our bedroom and guest room repaired, which was a dusty and messy project (that we did not DIY!) After that we wiped down all the walls and ceilings, primed and painted! Needless to say, it felt really good to be in our bed that night.