Demo Begins!

So excited to say we finally hit "go" on our project this month! We've gotten all the quotes from subcontractors we can get this early on and determined that GCing the project ourselves should (fingers crossed) help us save enough to do the extent of addition we originally planned with our architects back in the spring. 

Our very first steps were getting a survey of our lot and applying for all our permits - three separate applications for the addition, existing and deck - such a pain!! But our real Step 1 was demolition, and the first thing to go was our deck plus a couple trees in our backyard, sadly. Here are a few pictures of what our backyard and deck originally looked like!

Jon and his friend Ross built this bench on our deck when we first moved sad it had to go :(

It actually looked nice out there a few times...just a few!

The big pretty maple that had to go! :( 

First was tree removal...don't worry, we didn't try this ourselves. This is me taking a picture through the back door while the crew was working and trying not to be seen. 

Jon did the deck demo with three amazing, wonderful, helpful friends! Shoutout to to Ben, Wesley & Stahler :) Y'all are the best.

This huge pile of wood got to the dump in a few truckloads, handful by handful :/

Jon saved a portion of the deck to make a ramp so Murphy wouldn't fall out of the house!

Next up, foundation work begins!