Foundation is Laid/Laundry is Gone

After we finished the demo on the deck, we were ready for the foundation crew to come start their work. First we had to relocate our water heater because it was housed in a little room attached to the back of our house, which was right where a footer had to go for the foundation. The picture below is after the foundation crew knocked off the room, which was where the unpainted brick is. 

Since we're staying in the house while most of the work is done (and still wanted to have hot water), we had our plumber install our new water heater the same day the old one was disconnected. Our foundation crew cut a new access hole in the crawl space for the new one (covered up where the PVC pipes are in the photo above) because our current crawl space access is SO tiny - a literal crawl space. 

Next the crew dug the footings for the addition. The footings (trenches) basically outline where the addition will be. You can see below how the right side will jut out further than the left. Our master bedroom will be on the back right side and our family room will be on the left with doors going out onto a deck.

We got our first piece of bad news after this. Jameel, the head of the foundation crew, realized that the foundation under our laundry room was in really bad shape. We knew the laundry room was a later addition to the original house and could tell the work wasn't done very well, but we had no idea how bad the foundation was. After doing some demo and seeing it better, I don't think there's any way it could have passed inspection! :/

We had to decide then if it was worth it to keep our laundry room for a little longer. We could keep it for another month or so while they finished the foundation work they had started and get that inspected for a partial pass. But then we would have to have the laundry room demoed and get the crew back out to do the foundation work where the laundry room was, get that inspected, etc. We decided having laundry a little longer wasn't worth splitting up the work, so we put the foundation on hold and made plans for having the laundry room ripped off. It all happened pretty fast. I think we got the news Tuesday, and Thursday night we were moving everything out of the laundry room so demo could start the next day.

We had a demo crew come Friday and get as much done that day as they could. The photo above is mid-demo looking through the door that led from our kitchen into the laundry room.

The crew got all the windows, walls and most of the roof off. That Saturday Jon and I finished the demo ourselves. That was (and still is) the worst day so far in my opinion. It was unbearably hot and we were basically picking up concrete blocks and bricks and carrying or wheeling to the dumpster we had in our driveway for hours. Wheeling the heavy wheelbarrow through/around the trenches that were now all over our yard was so hard it was almost not worth it. Jon did some other things like pulled the rest of the roof down and pushed the floor off. It was such a shoddy addition it was pretty easy to rip off. 

The photo above shows where our demo stopped, which is where the original house stopped. We uncovered these concrete steps in the process, but left the steps plus a few feet of our laundry room floor (which has an original brick patio underneath) in place because our new floor can go over top of both. 

Next the crew came back out to finish digging the footings in the space we had cleared out. At that point, we already had most of the footings dug for a couple of weeks and it had rained at least a few times, so Jon had to bail water out of the trenches several nights to keep them somewhat dry.

Just when the crew was almost done and ready to call for the footings to be inspected so they could move on to pouring the concrete, they realized there was a concrete slab from the old water heater room in the way of where that footer needed to go. They almost didn't finish busting up the concrete in time for the inspection. I was really nervous the inspector would show up before the guys were done and put us on his "bad list" for calling it in before we were ready. Thankfully Jameel handled all the interaction with the inspector on his own and we passed!

The rest of the foundation was pretty smooth-sailing, comparatively. I think we lost one day due to rain, but the actual concrete pouring didn't take long. Then it just had to set for a day or two before they laid the blocks. 

The blocks went up pretty quickly, and then it started to feel like we were finally making progress!

Below is the view from our backyard (much smaller now!) after all the block was laid. 

I'm writing this at the very end of December (yes, I'm tricking you with the backdated post...sadly there's no way I can keep up with the progress), and we lost our laundry room mid-September (RIP), so it's been 3 1/2 months now. I'm pretty religious about doing our laundry and changing our sheets every week, so I was a little concerned about how long I would be stuck with Jon's smelly workout clothes before we could wash them, but thanks to lots of sweet friends and family, we haven't gone a week without laundry since then and have only been to the laundromat once!

Next up: framing begins!