Welcome to my website! Here on my blog I'll be posting things related to my field of public relations and my passion for interior design, which I'm currently studying, and...anything else! My blog is my landing page because I want my potential clients to get to know me. After all, I am my brand! 

I had a blog over at wordpress.com for 2.5 years, and then unintentionally took a six-month hiatus from blogging. I've backlogged some posts from my previous blog that I wanted to take with me (mostly about planning my wedding), but other than that, this is a fresh start!

I started an at-home interior design course with the New York Institute of Art + Design this past Fall. I've always loved interior design and decorating, but not having much artistic talent kept me from studying it earlier on. I found this course, which is a great fit for someone currently pursuing another field, and decided that the best time to start learning these things is BEFORE my husband and I have bought a house (aka now), so I dove in! Since then, I've perused images of interiors more than ever and have learned so much. But I've been keeping it all to myself! I want to flex my creative muscle, post these things in a way I can easily refer back to later, and share them all with others.

For more information about me, go here. For information about the services I offer as a PR consultant, please see the Hire Me page.