Kitchen Storage Inspiration

open shelving kitchen desk.jpg

2016 is bringing a lot of change for us and has already. I left my full-time job at the showroom for interior designers to work part-time for a very talented interior designer with a long history in Raleigh, which I'm so excited and thankful to be doing! Jon started the professional MBA program at NC State a couple weeks ago, and last but not least, we're looking at a pretty serious house addition and renovation!

Our renovation has gotten me thinking about what I'd like to have in our new kitchen...this Houzz article shows what the most popular ideas have been on Houzz. One of my favorites is the corner drawers:

Pretty positive I want to have a trashcan/recycling "drawer" unless we have a pantry that works for trash.

I also love the idea of a desk in the kitchen. Even if you have a home office in another room, it's so helpful to have a desk area in the kitchen. So far I've tried to keep almost all mail and paperwork in our office and not the kitchen, but it's really hard to do. You get mail and open it in the want to put reminders where you'll see them often, and usually that's in the kitchen. Then you have your calendar, recipes, a whole desk area is ideal! The photo at the beginning of this post shows one I like (I also just really love that kitchen). These are great too:

I love how the one above includes the backsplash! And <3 that blacksplash.

Check out the Houzz article for lots of other really practical ideas!


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