Tiny Kernersville Installation

Since I've started working with Brenda Bateman (bdb interior design), I've helped her with four installations for our largest commercial client, North State Bank. Brenda has been NSB's interior designer for years, and she keeps up with SO many big and small things for NSB corporate and their offices throughout NC. They have had huge growth this past year, which explains why we've installed five new locations in three months. Make that six locations as of this Friday! 

At the end of March we installed an office in Kernersville for just one mortgage loan officer - one office and one lobby/conference room in a larger office building. NSB took on this office in its current state - no renovations were in the budget this time. So this was one of those jobs where we had to accept and overlook the negatives where necessary. Just keep in mind we would have changed the carpet, trim and doors in a heartbeat if we could have :)

Here are some BEFORE photos below. We came in to a completely empty lobby/conference room and office (plus a packed storage room) when we arrived. 

The door in the photo above opens out to the lobby of the building. 

Beginnings of the office...

It's crazy how much artwork just a small space needs. Cute Brenda working on a lamp below!


The fun guest chair fabric:

Look at what a gorgeous lamp she got! Probably my favorite lamp we've put in an office so far.

A job like this is so fun because we get to make someone's everyday work environment prettier, more enjoyable, functional, etc. This one in particular was rewarding because we got to know the woman who works here throughout the day and see her excitement over the artwork, furniture, etc. as we brought it in. It's also so satisfying to see a completed product at the end of the day. We always leave NSB installations so grateful for our work! 

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