Hardwoods for White Kitchens

A lot has happened on the renovation/addition front for us since I last mentioned it. We went from thinking demolition would start in April or May to not knowing if we would do the project at all. We considered moving instead and looked at several houses, which turned out to be affirmation that we really want to stay if we can make the project happen -- which led us to consider being our own general contractors. So that's where we are now. Several things played a part in all the changes, budget and timeline being the biggest - not a surprise to anyone who has done a renovation of any scale! Right now I'm in the middle of meeting and getting quotes from every type of subcontractor we'll need. 

For the addition, we're planning to use the same kind of hardwoods we currently have - 2 1/4" oak. But we'll get them all refinished to match, so I was thinking recently about the stain color I want. Our kitchen will basically be all white, so I gathered some images of different hardwood stains in white kitchens. 

The light blonde option...

The light blonde is basically what we have now, except ours may have a little more orange in it. This is probably my least favorite option...maybe just because it's what we already have. 

You could do a blonde stain with less yellow, more reddish orange tones:

I'm calling this look "coastal ash"....it looks casual, has no sheen. More transitional. 

You could go much more grey, like this. I like the pattern of these floors and I like the color, just not for our house. It still looks a little beachy to me.

Here's a medium-brown, a little more sheen. Back to the width our floors will be. I like this one, just a tad darker...more brown, less yellow/orange. 

Similar to above, but wider planks:

This is one of my all-time favorite kitchens (and features from Southern Living), and I think these floors might be my favorite too!

You could go really dark brown, like these. I love the richness of the dark brown. 

There's always the dark cherry option...I wouldn't do this in an all-white kitchen because I think it could end up having a purple cast.

I think these are really cool! I'd do them in someone else's house :) Probably too yellow for me. But I love the variation...I'm guessing it's not oak?

SOMEDAY, somewhere I want to have glossy black hardwood floors. Not practical with a golden retriever...that hair that is always everywhere would be the death of me on all black floors. 

What's your favorite? Do you like my choice?